The French club website belonging to a group of more the 100 members who believe friendship is as important as the joy of owning this “Avant-garde” car.

As it’s name suggests this site is primarily a place where owners and enthusiasts of all countries, display hundreds of  pictures of this beautiful car. This German website is acknowledged by all Avantimers worldwide as the most comprehensive gallery of Avantime photographs.


The UK forum where over 150 British members discuss the Pros and cons of Avantime ownership. A friendly and informal club, for general chat, organising meetings and sharing technical help


A Dutch site displaying some splendid pictures of one of the meetings in the Netherlands.


Yes, also in the Far East, people are mad about this car !! :


The dutch Avantime-friends are very passionated about their car



www………..    where are the other ones ??

Can you pass them to me ??